TMarshal has a goal to help raise the consciousness and self-worth of people like you across the globe with a technique she calls “intrinsic re-conditioning.”  Through TMarshal’s keynote speeches and interactive presentations, participants leave feeling empowered and inspired to change the habits that have been keeping them from the life they really desire.



Prior to each speaking engagement TMarshal’s team conducts detailed research in order to ensure event outcomes are achieved and tailored to your audience. Speaking engagements include:


1. Pre-event conference call


2. An optional confidential demographic review


3. A professionally prepared, dynamically delivered presentation focused on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience


4. A custom resource page for your program booklet exclusively created for your attendees. It will include the tips Tmarshal used in the presentation, along with links to suggested resources for continued enhancement.


5. Upon request, TMarshal does not charge more than her regular keynote fee to do a breakout, moderate a panel or emcee a session provided she can return home same day. She can also provide an article for a client's trade publication, newsletter or website following the event.


A Little About Me

TMarshal has presented to corporations, secondary and post-secondary education, entrepreneurs, government agencies, and many other groups. Private corporate speaking has included places Johnson Controls NA Automotive Group, DaimlerChrysler, Abbott Laboratories, Ford Motor Inc.   Check out some of her clients.


Clients (partial list)

Black Enterprise Magazine


American Intercontinental University


Tifton Georgia Housing Authority


Ford Motor Co.


Abbott Laboratories


Detroit Public Schools


City of Atlanta


University of Michigan



“TMarshal does not speak to impress an audience. She speaks to connect with the audience!”

 ˜Les Brown (World Renowned Speaker and Mentor)


"I’m usually not into motivational speakers, but being here was time well spent." ~K. Tidwell (Motivational Monday)


 “Wow!  What a life this person endured.  I certainly shed a few tears.  I am impressed on the way the person’s life turned out.  She is remarkable!” ~A.Wolfe (Oakland University)


“The group really enjoyed Ms. Marshall’s presentation.  She provided a lot of key takeaways that we will be implementing in our teams.”

Chief Reginald Latimer (City of Atlanta)


Signature Keynotes

My presentations provide insights and ideas about how to effectively align the most productive thoughts with the right energy to reach achievement.  Motivation is fleeting and does not provide value if a person does not learn to be self-motivating.  Motivation is valuable when it is cultivated from the inside out.  All the material I provide is broken into sections turned into strategies that are easy to follow and can be incorporated in daily routines.


Though Inspirational Speaker TMarshal specializes in personal leadership and energy alignment, she will customize the title, content and length of her presentations to meet the objectives for your particular event.  Examples of signature speeches include:


“Discover Your Desires”


Helps audiences to uncover their true passions and encourages them to walk their paths.


“For Women Only”


Empowers women to celebrate their versatility and accomplishments.


“Change your Thoughts…Change your Results”


Encourages audiences to work intrinsically to attain the experiences they desire.


“Your Network Influences Your Net Worth”


Discusses the power and importance of association.


“Stiff Like Rubber”

Prepares audiences to handle the complexities of the changing world around them professionally and personally.


“Dream it. Define it. Do it. “The 3Ds” - “The 3Ds is right on target for students” – Prof. Dr. Sam Gaines, FSU.


TMarshal’s inspirational story that teaches audiences to visualize goals then work to attain those goals.

*Also available for webinars, retreats and panel discussions*

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