Use Affirmations To Improve Your Life


“It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” Claude Bristol


Over the years I have learned that words and sayings are powerful and they can either build or destroy.  Through repetitious use, certain words and sayings are affirmed and belief systems are formed.   For example how many times have you heard the saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”  How many times have you repeated that saying?  I’ve heard it several times out of different mouths and believed in it enough to program it into my subconscious.  I would tell myself “money doesn’t grow on trees” to deter myself from buying something I perceived as a being a splurge even though I could afford it


What we affirm to ourselves repeatedly become the beliefs we govern ourselves by.  Our behaviors are influenced by our beliefs.  The quickest and easiest way to change an undesirable behavior is to change the belief that influences it.  To change the belief, you must first change the repetitious statement or affirmation that created the belief.  It sounds like a simple task but very few are able to swap a negative or hindering affirmation for an affirmation that is positive and progressive.


I have found the most effective way to stick with a positive affirmation is to start with repeating a statement that is believable.  To be more specific, instead of looking in a mirror and affirming a statement that is too far off from your reality, try using a statement that is closer to your current state and building on it.  It wouldn’t be recommended for you to affirm that you are a millionaire when you don’t even have a hundred dollars you can access.  Let me share with you a different way to affirm millionaire status.


Old Affirmation:  I am broke.


Common Affirmation:  I am a millionaire. (May not be that believable for you at this present moment)


Specific Affirmation:  I continue to learn skills that assist me in growing my income more and more each year.


The last statement is still affirming a positive state of being as well as beginning an attraction of an experience to create increasing wealth.  I think most of us would love to become instant millionaires but it just isn’t a common or frequent reality.   I word my affirmations so that they are believable to me and unique to the experience I want to have.  I keep them in view for quick reference.   Write affirmations down and keep them nearby to help keep you on your path of progression.  Books like “Affirmations, Your Passport to Happiness” by Dr. Anne Marie Evers, are available to help you create your own affirming statements.  Once you begin the process of consistent and positive affirming, your belief system will be changed and you will begin to experience an improved reality.

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