Like some others, inspirational speaker and author, Taneshia Marshall (professionally known as TMarshal), works to use tumultuous experiences from the past as a catapult to achieve success in all areas.


Through years of physical, sexual and emotional abuse; placed in various shelters and foster homes; living homeless at 17 and on a quest to find her true identity, TMarshal’s definition of success is radically different.

Her inspirational works provide beneficial tools for anyone who is ready to make the transition from living a mundane existence to experiencing a more desired life. TMarshal’s fusion of real-life stories and conversational techniques are included in her works which connect with audiences at an intimate level.


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I believe that our thoughts influence our energy and we need energy to create.  The levels of success we achieve are directly linked to the thoughts we choose to focus on.  My gift is being the catalyst to inspire people into the actions that produce the results they desire.


Through years of personal development and an unwavering desire for a better life than I experienced in my youth, I managed to claim victory over a life I was not prepared to win.  My mantra is “It’s not how you start, its how you finish.”

The achievements people aspire for are a lot less complex to attain than most people believe.  My goal is to share the tools I have acquired to help others reach their best selves both personally and professionally.

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